So the blue one?

Here we have a Collection Of past creations 

Campari Not Orange

Not to be confused with Campari Orange because it's simply not! (Just like the name says)

 -    a fresh taste with a glimpse of bitterness.... -

Der Aperitif 

It's not just any aperitif, it's THE Aperitif. It's exactly what you would want to drink at a sunset dinner party.

- a lively and fresh start-

Drunken Rabbit

The Rabbit has some taste for Gin but since hes always short on time he adds some vitamins to his Power Drink.

- lightly sweet with a hint of carrot-


The cheshire cat loves to smile a lot like hes having a sweet time..(guess its rooted to his drink.)

-sweet amaretto sensation- 

Drink me, Alice 

a drinkable Childhood Memory in blue!

 -    Vodka with a sweet taste of candy -

Pfirsich Smash

Peach loves Gin and all lived appily ever after.

- Fresh and light, the got to for a relaxed evening -

Einer flog über's Kuckucksnest

(one flew over the cuckoos nest)

It's insanely good, who doesnt love Black Forest cake shaped as a drink?

- Cherry Cherry Baby!-

Kleiner grüner Mann 

Sour Midori Style? no Problem!

- wait, what fruit is it again?-

Whiskey Sour

What else to say ?

 - Sours are a piece of art, try them if you haven't-

Gin Sour 

loved and admired in wonderland

- Sours are a piece of art, try them if you haven't -

Mezcal Sour

Smokey rich Sour


- Sours are a piece of art, try them if you haven't -

Boston Sour 

Bourbons favorite place to be..

- Sours are a piece of art, try them if you haven't -

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#Follow The White Rabbit - Cocktails & more

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